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How long do Acrylic Engraved Labels last?
As the labels are engraved they will be legiable for 20+ years. The colours will fade overtime as with all materials. Our material has been tested to ISO standard 4892. It was tested to an equivalent of 5 years of outdoor usage without visual change of product color or surface appearance. This doesn’t mean it won’t last longer but this is what it is tested to.

Explanation of procedure ISO 4892 (international standard)
This part of ISO 4892 specifies procedures whereby material samples are exposed to UV fluorescent lamp radiation,
heat and humidity under controlled conditions. This simulates the weathering effects that occur under real-live
conditions when materials are exposed to UV radiation and weather conditions.
Details of test procedure:
— Artificial weathering of samples with UV fluorescent lamps according to ISO 4892-3
— Method A, Cycle No. 1: Weathering with UVA-340 lamps
— Stress cycle with temperature control by a black panel sensor
— Stress period: 8 h dry, 4 h condensation
— Lamp type: UVA-340 (Type 1A)
— Irradiance: 0.76 W/(m² x nm) (at 340nm)
— Black panel temperature: dry: 60±3°C; condensation: 50±3°C
— Three testing cycles, total testing period: 1200 hours
How long do Colour Printed Safety Signs and Labels last?

Our labels and signs are printed using the highest quality UV flatbed printers. The printers are capable of printing on any rigid surface up to 150mm thick. We can print full colour, white for dark substrates and even clear layers enabling embossing, matt or spot gloss finishes.

Material Ink Indoor Life
Outdoor Life
Chemical Resistance Scratch Resistance Weather Resistance
Polypropylene LH-100 - Hard 5-10 ~1 Excellent Excellent Fair
LH-100 - Flexible 5-10 2-3 Moderate Moderate Good
Aluminium Composite Panel LH-100 - Hard 5-10 ~1-2 Excellent Excellent Fair
LH-100 - Flexible 5-10 2-3 Moderate Moderate Good
Stainless Steel 316 LH-100 - Hard 5-10 ~1-2 Excellent Excellent Fair
LH-100 - Flexible 5-10 2-3 Moderate Moderate Good
How long do Engraved/Annealed Stainless Steel Signs & Labels last?
Material Marking Method Outdoor Life
Rust Resistance Chemical Resistance Scratch Resistance Weather Resistance Cost Comments
Our Default Method Stainless Steel 316 Annealed 25+ Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate Flat black mark that does not affect or coat the steel provides the longest asset life.
On request Stainless Steel 316 Marked (CerMark) 10-25+ Excellent Great Great Great Higher Matt black mark that is baked onto the stainless. Provides the highest contrasting mark and is suitable for plates larger than 300mm.
On request Stainless Steel 316 Deep Engrave + Paint Fill 25+ Great Great Great Great Highest Engraving will outlast the steel however paint fill can be effected. Due to the deep engrave the structure can be effected.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes we have a $10 minimum order quantity. You can mix colours, sizes and thicknesses.
Can I send you a custom file to cut?
Yes send it through to [email protected] and we can quote it for you.
How long does it take?
A: Production times depend on the size of the order, estimates below are based on the order total however if you need an exact date please email us.

Production Time (standard products only*)

Order Total Duration
<$500 Rush** Next Business Day
<$1000 3 - 5 business days
<$2000 4 - 8 business days
<$5000 5 - 10 business days
<$10000 10 - 20 business days
<$100000 10 - 30 business days
*some products such as stainless steel engraved labels take longer and the lead times are estimated on the checkout page.
**rush orders are only available for some products, if your order is ellgible for rush this will be displayed as an option on the checkout page.

Shipping Time

Service Duration
AusPost Express 1 - 2 business days
AusPost Standard 2 - 4 business days
AusPost International 1 - 4 weeks
Can we pick-up our order?
Yes, we are located in Tingalpa Brisbane, please contact us to arrange a time.
Can you bend the labels to make free standing labels?
Yes, email us [email protected] to get a quote.
Are these done with a Laser or Rotary machine?
All of our labels are laser cut, we currently do not offer a rotary engraving service.
Can you offer full colour print labels?
Yes, email us [email protected] to get a quote.